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Nigeria Hotel Association (NHA) as a front line member of Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) whose mustard seed was sown by a group of far-sighted investors seeking to change the face of Tourism and contribute to nation’s building had some years later,sprouted a seedling and then grown into a fledging oak tree. Today, Nigeria Hotel Association (NHA) has become an institution built on the vision of founders to protecting the interest of Hotel owners and other Tourism related enterprises in Nigeria. Nigeria Hotel Association (NHA) thrives on a result oriented culture and a clear set of principles that the members can identify with. As the apex hotel association in Nigeria likened to Hotel Association of New York City which was founded in 1878, Nigeria Hotel Association (NHA) is focused on providing solution to members’ problems with an absolute commitment to struggles and aspiration of investors.

From inception, Nigeria Hotel Association (NHA) has recognized the importance of building  its primary intermediation role around the investors’ dynamic needs, and safe-guarding the investors’ interest, is an immutable corporate commitment, where the strategic focus is driven by its core competencies  in the area of intervention portfolio management  under than industrial relations unlike the Hotel Association of New York City where in the late 1930s, the Association decided to enter the field of labour relations with the Hotel Trades Council of New York City.

The Nigeria Hotel Association (NHA) was originally known and called the Hotel Management Council of Nigeria (HMCN). The HMCN replaced a non-profit making organization called the Hotel and Restaurant Management Council (HRMC),formed in 1969 by th few first-class Hotels within the then Federal Capital, Lagos. The Council was legally registered under the Land and Perpetual Act Cap 98 on 4th of April, 1990 by the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.
When the need for the Council to widen its area of jurisdiction became very obvious as a follow-up to the Federal Government’s Tourism policy, it was found necessary to alter the name Hotel Management Council of Nigeria to Nigeria Hotel Association during the first National Conference held at Sheraton Hotel and Towers Abuja from 17th -20th January, 1991. The Nigeria Hotel Association was formally inaugurated by the former Honorable Minister of Trade and Tourism Mr. Senas John Ukpanah.


a) To organize a National Association of reputable hotels (what constitutes a reputable Hotel would be as decided by the Association from time to time) which are engaged in Hotel and Catering services in Nigeria.
b) To be a mark of fellowship and solidarity with Hotels throughout the nation in the promotion and defence of the interest(s) of the hospitality business (other than Industrial Relations).
c) To evolve strategies for consultation with the Federal, States, Local Governments and other organizations.
d) To protect the interest of the Association and its members.
e) To exchange and collate information pertaining to Hotels and catering operation.
f) To deal with all legislative and administrative measures which may affect or tend to affect the interests of the Association
g) To give members all such assistance as possible of any kind which in the opinion of the hotel members of the association is proper or desirable
h) To encourage healthy and safe working environment within the industry throughout Nigeria.
i) To render all possible contributions to the well-being of the industry and to ensure maximum productivity and economic efficiency.
j) To do all such things as are in the opinion of the association, incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objectives.
k) Represents interest of Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industry.
l) With its name changed to Nigeria Hotel Association, it will be ensured that the Association is properly registered as a full Member or Affiliate Member of International Hotel and Catering or Tourism Organizations, such as the International Hotel Association (IHA) and the World Tourism Organization (WTO).



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